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Ricki was an old Yorkie dog who meant the world to me. When he passed away, like many dog owners, it hit me very hard. One day, I saw a pet communicator who told me Ricki would return to me and that I would soon have a dream about him. A few days later, I had a very vivid dream about Ricki trying to tell me something that was so real, I literally woke up gasping for air. For weeks I kept thinking what Ricki was trying to tell me but couldn’t quite figure it out.

Some time later, I decided I was going to adopt a new pet but was leaning towards adopting a cat since I had never had one and wanted to have a different pet experience in my life. I drove to the West L.A. Animal Shelter just to take a look. I remember saying to myself, “Don’t walk past the dogs, do not pass GO and collect $200″ and chuckling. As I walked in I quickly cut through the dogs but turned at the last second. Right when I turned, there was this BEAUTIFUL YORKIE who looked just like Ricki just staring at me. I instantly knew then and there that this was the sign Ricki was telling me in my dream. I believe Ricki sent me this dog who I named Little Swami.

Though Swami and Ricki looked the same, their personalities are quite different (but both are affectionate kissers!). Ricki was very trusting and mellow. Swami is very protective of me and has a big bark for such a small dog. He jumps up and down like a pogo stick when he gets his food and he simply terrorizes the mailman from a mile away. Ricki sent me a force to be reckoned with and is probably laughing all the way, up in doggie heaven.


Three years after the pet communicator told me Ricki would return to me that is exactly what happened! I don’t know if Little Swami is Ricki but I do know Ricki sent him!


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