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Max is our Pet of the Month!

2015-01-05_20-47-39_MaxinsunIt was Mothers Day 2012. We were visiting my Mother in Law celebrating her day. As usual, we took our 3 pups with us to “Grandma’s” house and were enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon. My Mother-in-law proceeded to tell us about a dog that she and the neighbors were concerned about. She said there was a “cute little dog” across the street on a leash tied to the porch. The owners had disappeared over a week ago and all they did was leave a bowl of kibble and water behind for the dog. By then the dog had knocked over the bowls and was digging himself into the ground so he wasn’t easily visible. She kept telling me and my wife that she felt sorry for him and that she and some of the other neighbors had tried to approach the dog but he barked at everyone. A few of the neighbors had taken over food and water for the dog but he wouldn’t let anybody near him. My Mother in Law said that the Humane Society had been called but she hadn’t seen them come by the house.

My wife sat outside on the porch and kept an eye out for the dog. When she finally saw it, she said he was cute but didn’t know what kind of dog it was. We already had 3 dogs, two seniors and one 5 year old pup. Another dog was not exactly what we were looking for but I decided to go over and survey the situation. The dog was adorable. He was a white tiny pup with tan markings on him. I thought he might be a terrier but wasn’t sure; he seemed pretty scared. One of the neighbors saw me and came over to introduce herself. She asked if I was going to try and “save that little dog.” I told her that I wasn’t sure if he would let me. “if it helps,” she said, “his name is Max.” The neighbor proceeded to tell me that the previous owners weren’t coming back since she saw them pack everything up and leave the other week. She doubted they would return since Child Welfare Services had been looking for the parent and the kids prior to them leaving.

After surveying the situation I knelt down in my slacks onto the dirt pile that the dog had dug up. He growled and barked at me but I just kneeled with my hands out and talked to him calling him by name. With my hands out he took a nip at them but I didn’t do anything except sit there. After a few minutes when he realized I wasn’t a threat to him heĀ  sniffed and nuzzled my hand. I then took the shoddy shoelace and leash that he had tangled around his body off of him and attached one of my own leashes. We walked over to my Mother-in-law’s yard so he could socialize with our other 3 dogs. Max was pretty scared and kept hiding from everyone in the bushes. We let him be, I figured he would come around on his own. My 3 dogs did the same, they sniffed at him but they pretty much left him alone. After a while, when Max felt a little more comfortable, he allowed me and my wife to give him some treats. My wife called me a dog whisperer since I was the only one Max let near him.2015-01-05_20-47-39_MaxThompson

We decided to adopt Max as one of our own but contacted the Humane Society to give them our information in the event that the family did return and wanted the dog. The Humane Society didn’t seem too concerned that we were taking Max; in fact they seemed happy that we wanted him. Max was 16 pounds when he came home with us. He hadn’t been to a vet, was wormy, his collar was too tight around his neck and he was scared of his own shadow. The Vet determined he was 3 months old when we adopted him and that due to his skittish nature he had already seen abuse. 2 years later Max has become an integral part of our family. We lost our 2 Seniors over the last 2 years and Max has helped fill the void we didn’t know we would have. We’re so lucky and blessed that Max allowed me to remove him from those premises. I’m so glad that he came home with us. He was the perfect Mother’s Day present for our family!

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