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RykerBWRyker is a 3 year old poodle found in Phoenix, AZ in January.  He was picked up as a stray and taken to the county shelter where he was set to be euthanized due to an extensive injury to his jaw. A local rescue group in the area couldn’t let him go so they took him in and gave him the necessary help he needed.  Ryker had a jaw fracture to his lower left jaw and they tried to fix it naturally but it wouldn’t reset, they ended up removing his jaw, put in a wire and stitched up his cheek to keep his mouth even.  While he was in recovery, Ryker showed his spunky attitude with his foster mom who refused to let him go to any old home.  Ryker needed special attention and a special human family who would be willing to work not only with his jaw but also with his trust.  He was spunky enough to try and eat his foster family’s hard dog food while still in his muzzle!  I met Ryker at a local Pet Expo in Phoenix, he was parading himself around like he was the King (he is about 5 pounds!).  It was love at first sight and I was the only human he would let hold without squirming to get down.  We have been together since June 1st and we have been inseparable!  FullSizeRender_2He still has a big personality hanging out with the rest of the family’s Poodle gang.  Even our 9 year old female, who growls at everyone, lets him snuggle up to her (maybe it is the mommy instincts kicking in with a hurt puppy), but he has a great life ahead!  He doesn’t let anything stop him and has an amazing personality.  I cannot imagine what this little guy has been through but he is one tough fighter.
We’re proud to have Ryker as our Pet of the Month!

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