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BentleyMy Bentley is the most fun loving, affectionate and playful dog in the world! However, he was not always like that. I rescued Bentley while temporarily assigned to work in a small town in Oklahoma. The owner could no longer care for him and asked if someone would adopt him. Through word of mouth I found out about Bentley and quickly jumped at the opportunity to help. He was a 4 month old, 5 lb Yorkshire Terrier. I went to a small rural impoverished town and picked up Bentley and a small bag of dog food. No toys, no bed no collar, nothing! Just food, a cage and Bentley. I took him home and he instantly became part of my family but he was not in good shape. Bentley was matted, flea invested and had a terrible ear infection, not to mention wild and untamed. He had never been exposed to  I got him to a vet the next day and began nursing him back to health.

Over the next four months I noticed that Bentley’s feet and belly were getting pretty big. I began to worry that he may be overweight and started switching him from puppy food but he kept getting bigger! Bentley also had a terrible habit of running away as soon as he was off his leash. I took him to puppy class hoping that this would help with both the running and the weight issue but it didn’t.

Within the next two months Bentley gained over ten pounds! And nothing we could do could stop him from running. I began to worry that Bentley was not really a Yorkshire Terrier at all and contacted the breeder before leaving Oklahoma. She invited me to meet Bentley’s parents and one of his siblings. Bentley’s brother looked just like him! Only, he was only 7 lbs and my Bentley was pushing 17 lbs! Bentley’s mom and dad were only 9 and 8 lbs respectively. I asked the breeder how it could be possible for Bentley to be so large and she was too in awe! She also mentioned being extremely disappointed that Bentley had such a tough life in the beginning. She is now much more involved with the placement of her puppies.2015-06-08_15-48-55_20150513_064341

Bentley is the best dog in the world! He is so far removed from the life he used to have. He lives a happy life on the LA beach where he can run (on his leash) all he wants! He loves his toys, his bed and all of healthy snacks. He is also growing to understand that running is ok but running away is not ok! I cannot imagine my life without my Bentley, the Biggest, Baddest and Bestest (yes Bestest) Yorkie in the world! He is a great reminder that while we all come in different shapes and sizes, we all deserve to be loved.

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