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This month we bring you the story of London, and his owner, Jennifer, who had wanted a pet her whole life, and finally found the perfect furry friend!London_beg

Jennifer writes, “Throughout childhood I begged my family for a sibling. I gave that up when my dad told it to me straight: I was the only kid. So I went on to the next compromise: a pet. I begged for countless years; on birthdays, Chinese new years, and Christmases—any pet would do! My mom let me have a goldfish and I loved it! I had the fishy for over a year and was so sad when it passed away. I asked for a cat next but they said no. When I was 14, starting high school, my dad said that I could have a pet when I lived on my own because I would be an adult. I kept those words sacred because that’s what I wanted. I felt like I needed a companion because growing up as an only child—it was hard for me and always being alone felt terrible. After college I worked countless hours to save and enjoy life a little. I never gave up the dream of having a pet. I realized in college how hard it was to be an adult and how much responsibility it would be if I owned a pet. I couldn’t possibly give him/her the best possible life because here I am working so many hours a day just to get by. After I graduated I worked at an amazing job, the only downside was I lived in an apartment that did not allow dogs. My dad said that I should probably consider buying a home instead of wasting money on rent. So I worked for 3 years and saved enough to purchase a home. It’s been 3 years since I purchased the home and now financially stable, happy and ready to give a home to my pet! I’ve waited sooo long for this day! Thanksgiving 2013 was the day I started searching for my new member of the family…

“I searched high and low, different adoption sites, pet stores—I wanted every pet available! As much as I wanted a cute little puppy, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that my cousin gave me: older dogs are harder to adopt. So I went around to these adoption events with an open mind. After a week of searching and meeting different people, I just didn’t feel right about each dog. So on a random Saturday, I went to the San Gabriel Humane Society close to my house. I went through the big dogs first and most of them were already taken (YAY!) Next the small dogs…I went through to the end and there was London. Fluffy, sad puppy eyes but was politely looking at me. I asked the handler if I could take him to the play area. From shy to spastic…he had so much energy! Jumping around and couldn’t sit still! He let me pet him, licked me and was barking happily like crazy. They said he was 7 years old but they could have fooled me! After about 30 minutes, I already felt close with him. I immediately went inside and filled out the paperwork and put down the deposit. They said they would microchip him that day and be ready for pickup the next morning. I went straight to the pet store and cleaned my house for almost the whole night in anticipation for this little one to come home to me! I don’t think I slept a wink!

London&Jennifer“The day I went to get him was so exciting for me because I’ve been waiting 27 years for him! I walked into the humane society almost ready to cry because of happiness. As soon as they brought out WonWon (his name given by his previous owner) I screamed with joy. I changed the name on his paperwork to London and signed a document and he was mine! He is 7 years young and fully loving life. He is so photogenic and I can’t help but take a million photos of him wherever we go.“My friends and family know that London is my pride and joy. I take him to the dog beach every 2 weeks, dog park almost daily and we go on trips that are dog friendly. Since I’ve only had him 3 months, I still love him like the day I got him. He was completely worth the wait of not having a pet growing up because my family was right about taking care of yourself first before giving a home to a forever pet. I can’t imagine having a pet in my years before because I doubt I could give them the best care possible. Even though he had a rough few months at the shelter because he was a surrender…I feel like we are both where we are supposed to be now.”

We are proud to have London as our Pet of the Month!


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