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2015-04-06_23-23-26_image1In November 2011 we were looking for a new dog to be part of our family. We wanted a small dog and I knew the perfect place to look for one. The city of Los Angeles has many animal shelters so we decided to go to the Animal shelter in Downey. When we got there we went straight to the dog kennels where my sister spotted a small black and white dog. The dog noticed me and began to wag its tail. I called it to come close to us and we pet it through the kennel bars. I didn’t know what gender or age the dog was but it was so friendly. I finally decided to look at the dog’s information card at the top of the kennel that stated the dog was a stray female terrier who was about a year old.

When I read what the dog’s breed was I was pretty sure that it was a mistake. I had seen this type of dog before and I knew she was not a terrier. She had a squish face, large round eyes, a tail that curled on her back with soft straight fur. She was a Shih-tzu.
She was a bit of a mess and was covered in matts. Her nails were long and it looked like she had not been bathed in a long time. Still, we could see the lovable dog that lay beneath and took a liking to her right away. We rushed to the shelter’s office to ask about her. The shelter staff let me know that the dog had arrived the previous day and was a stray. She would be available in 5 days if her owners did not come to claim her. 5 days passed and no owner came forward so we happily adopted her. She officially came home with us on December 1st, 2011. You could say she arrived just in time for Christmas.
She weighed in at just 6 lbs, that is light for a shih-tzu. But then again she is smaller than most shih-tzu. People would often ask me if she was still a puppy because she was so small. I told them that she was more than a year old and was fully grown. Sometimes even today people think she younger than she is. I don’t blame them. Her face and personality are just like a puppy.
We couldn’t decide on a name for her at first and went through different suggestions. I thought about naming her Julie-sue the shih-tzu and then Kiki. Finally, we all agreed to call her Buho. (Boo-Oh) It means “Owl” in Spanish. Her squish face and large eyes give her an owl-like appearance.

Despite Buho’s tough experience early on, she is super friendly. She likes to be pet by everyone and gets along with other dogs. She likes running in the park and loves Beggin-strips dog treats. We honestly couldn’t ask for a better doggy than her.
When we got her from the shelter, she was one year old and 6 lbs. She is now 10 lbs and 4 years old. We love her so much and I really encourage people to consider adopting a dog from the pound. The shelter might not be the happiest looking place, but there you never know if you might find a dog or cat waiting for someone to take them home and become part of your family.

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