Pet of the Month


This month we bring you the story of Piccolo, who survived a health scare and became a whole new cat!

Piccolo’s owner, Susan, says, “We uncovered a Piccolo we didn’t know for her first few years. Piccolo is a beautiful long hair, part-Siamese cat. She was rescued from the pound with another cat, Fidget. Piccolo was the shy one, the one we’d only see at meal time, and certainly none of our friends got to see her other than in photos. One day I took her to the vet for a flea shot and he felt a large mass.  The x-ray showed something in her stomach but he couldn’t be sure what it was. Further testing showed that whatever it was filled her stomach from beginning to end and she needed immediate surgery.  I didn’t know if I would ever see her again, because if it was a tumor, the vet was not going to put her through the pain of waking. I cried all the way home from work.


“Hours later the vet called—he said he had never seen anything like this. Piccolo had a hairball ‘the size of a newborn puppy’.  She recovered from the surgery and we had her take large quantities of laxative, but about six months later the vet felt the start of a new hairball. We decided the best bet would be to keep her shaved. So, still cute, she got a lion cut. A vet who volunteers at the Marine Mammal Care Center was the one who suggested the shaving, and she said we may need to consider getting Piccolo clothing, as she’d get cold in the winter and her skin could burn in the summer. (She is an indoor cat but does enjoy the balcony and window views.) I laughed! We were told she might get depressed as cats identify with their looks. Great!

“Winter came and Centinela had parkas for dogs. I asked if I could return it, after I proved I tried, thinking she wouldn’t have anything to do with wearing clothing. I was reassured that if she didn’t tear it, I could return it. Piccolo would not take it off! And when I took it off her, she curled up on top if it and rubbed her head to mark her scent. After that she became outgoing. She now greets people who come over.  She curls up with us, purring and affectionate like she’s never been before. It’s now been a couple years and her wardrobe has grown, including holiday outfits. She won’t wear sweatshirts, those she removes within 5 minutes. Dresses are preferred, frilly and pink, even better. If there’s a time she is ‘undressed’ she hides.

“We absolutely love seeing the new Piccolo. She had apparently been growing the hairball for years and between feeling better and knowing she looks good, a diva had been born!”

We are proud to have Piccolo as our Pet of the Month!

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