• Buho (May, 2015)

    In November 2011 we were looking for a new dog to be part of our family. We wanted a small dog and I knew the perfect place to look for one. The city of Los Angeles has many animal shelters so we decided to go to the Animal shelter in Downey. When we got there […]

  • Swami (April, 2015)

    Ricki was an old Yorkie dog who meant the world to me. When he passed away, like many dog owners, it hit me very hard. One day, I saw a pet communicator who told me Ricki would return to me and that I would soon have a dream about him. A few days later, I […]

  • Max is our Pet of the Month! (March, 2015)

    It was Mothers Day 2012. We were visiting my Mother in Law celebrating her day. As usual, we took our 3 pups with us to “Grandma’s” house and were enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon. My Mother-in-law proceeded to tell us about a dog that she and the neighbors were concerned about. She said there was […]

  • Mia (February, 2015)

    On May 3rd 2014, our adopted dog Pepper passed away after having her for over seven years.  Pepper was my brother-in-law’s dog.  He found Pepper on the street in Northern California being taunted by children.  She was about a year old then.  A few years later, he moved to San Diego and the move did not sit […]

  • Finnigan (January, 2015)

    After having the privilege of spending close to 15 years with my dog Sabastian, Oct. 27, 2013 I had to say goodbye. I knew my life would be forever changed. I spoke with my Son and we decided my energy would be ready for what would become his new brother or sister-we would do this together […]

  • Cuffy (December, 2014)

    We started our family with Cuffy.  He was such an amazing dog, my family and friends all wanted one of his pups.  I actually had strangers on the road motion me over just to give me their card and ask me to contact them when we bred him.  I’d like to say he is a […]

  • Ryker (November, 2014)

    Ryker is a 3 year old poodle found in Phoenix, AZ in January.  He was picked up as a stray and taken to the county shelter where he was set to be euthanized due to an extensive injury to his jaw. A local rescue group in the area couldn’t let him go so they took […]

  • Dymond (September, 2014)

    This month we bring you the story of Dymond, a perseverant pup who is facing a hard road with the help of her loving family.  Dymond’s owner, Katrina, says, “I’ve had Dymond since she was eleven weeks old. She has seen me through many hard times and has remained a constant source of love, loyalty […]

  • Piccolo (August, 2014)

    This month we bring you the story of Piccolo, who survived a health scare and became a whole new cat! Piccolo’s owner, Susan, says, “We uncovered a Piccolo we didn’t know for her first few years. Piccolo is a beautiful long hair, part-Siamese cat. She was rescued from the pound with another cat, Fidget. Piccolo […]

  • Monkey (July, 2014)

    This month we bring you the story of Monkey, a dog who brought health and happiness to the owner who finally gave him the chance he needed. Monkey’s owner, Laura, says, “Monkey came into my life five years ago. I have always loved animals and have had one or more dogs most of my life. […]